Promt Translation Agent

Promt Translation Agent 8.0.271

Instant translations between seven different languages


  • Support for seven languages in many combinations
  • Lets you adjust topic to use the right vocabulary field


  • Texts are limited to 200 characters
  • Translation servers are sometimes down


Though there are a few online translation services, some people still prefer to have a desktop-based translation tool like Promt Translation Agent.

Promt Translation Agent, is an easy-to-use translator with support for several different combinations between seven languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Russian. The program also lets you choose which kind of text you're translating, so that it uses the appropriate vocabulary field.

Working with Promt Translation Agent is as simple as typing text – or copying and pasting it from another application – into the program's Office-like interface and clicking on the corresponding button. Translation will be done almost instantaneously.

On the downside, Promt Translation Agent does have some important drawbacks. To begin with, text length is limited to 200 characters, which is ridiculously short. Also, the translation servers were down a few times while trying to translate text. However, the program works fine as translator for single words.

With Promt Translation Agent you can do instant translations between seven different languages – as long as your text is short enough.

Promt Translation Agent


Promt Translation Agent 8.0.271

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